Real Assets Switzerland

We manage investments in more than 700 properties with a market value of around 18 billion Swiss francs, making us one of the leading market players in Switzerland.

AXA IM Real Assets Switzerland in figures

more than CHF 18 billion
Assets under management by AXA IM1
more than 50
real estate investment experts1
more than 750 properties
throughout Switzerland1

Our approach

We invest our clients’ money in prime properties with long-term stable rental income. As a responsible real estate investor, our buildings have a low environmental impact and a small energy consumption footprint. We promote architecture and take care to create living and working spaces for all segments of society. Thanks to our size, experience and long-standing relationships with market participants, our clients benefit from unique access to attractive properties.

30+ years of experience

We have more than 50 employees in Switzerland and decades of experience in the field of real estate investment.

Leading real estate provider

We are part of AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets, a first-class asset manager and – with €121 billion in client assets under management2   – among the world’s leading real estate asset managers.3

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High yielding investment portfolio

Our Swiss portfolio includes more than 460 residential properties with over 20,000 flats1  and other assets.

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We view sustainability as integral to our business, which is why ESG has long been embedded in our decision making throughout the life cycle of a property.

Frederick Widl
Head Real Assets Switzerland
We are dedicated to responsible real estate investing and our contribution to sustainable development and positive change are very important to us. We are convinced that the sustainability orientation of our portfolio adds to the value of our properties. At the same time, it serves to mitigate risks, like climate change risk. This approach is key to securing our investment returns long term.

Sustainability is at the heart of our investment strategies

We are breaking new ground in ESG communication, and our comprehensive real estate sustainability report meets the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a framework for transparent sustainability reporting.

Read our Sustainability Report 2020/2021 (in French).

Current projects

We are constantly developing new projects for our clients and renovating the buildings in our portfolio. Here you can find the current projects and further information about them.

About us

As a responsible asset manager, we invest for the long term, in the best interests of our clients, employees and the planet.

Responsible, active and long-term investing is at the heart not only of our investment philosophy, but also our corporate culture. These principles characterize the partnership we share with our customers and serve as the motivation for our teams.


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